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When looking for Elizabeth NJ limo services for your child’s prom, the evening should go smoothly. Here are tips to make the night a success.

Elizabeth NJ Prom Limo

A Happy Day

The Elizabeth NJ prom is one of the happiest days in your child’s life. When you’re helping your son or daughter prepare for their prom, you might be thinking about NJ limo services. It’s important that you find the right limo company, handle the rental, and check to make sure that your kids are having the right kind of fun on prom night.

As a parent, you’re probably worried or at least concerned about your son or daughter drinking or getting involved with drugs on their prom night. Since it is illegal for underage kids to buy or consume alcohol, it’s less about getting drunk and more about the legal consequences. Make sure that when you’re looking for a limo services company, they are experienced in working proms. The best step is to make sure that you and other parents are on the same page. If you’re having the limo make one stop to your home or the home of another student, make sure that everyone who gets into the limo starts clean. If each couple is getting picked up at different houses, make sure that you team up with parents to ensure that no bottles or drugs are headed to the limo.

Elizabeth NJ Prom Limo


Once you have a plan for that part, there are plenty of other concerns to worry about. One of the benefits of having limo services is being able to leave purses or wallets in the car while everyone is having fun at the prom. Make sure that the limo driver is going to be with the car at all times to ensure nothing is stolen. If they take a break, everything should be securely locked. To ensure that everyone’s items are safe, make sure that the company clearly provides protection. Some might have a clause that doesn’t protect against lost or stolen items.

The All-Important Quote

Now all you have to do is schedule the limo service and come up with a quote. Most services charge by the hour but they might have a special night rate for the high school prom. You will have to pay for the full evening – from pick up to drop off. Because you’re arranging the rental, you can decide how to go about planning the pick-up and the drop-off and make sure that no other stops are made along the way. Depending on how large the group of students is, you can arrange with parents to pay for the limo or you can ask each student in the group to pay a portion.

Plan and Pay

When you’re a concerned parent, it’s not overbearing to help plan and pay for limo services. Although the senior or junior prom is going to be a night to remember, a lot can go awry. Make sure you talk with your son or daughter and their friends about how to have fun and stay safe at the same time.

Elizabeth NJ Prom Limo

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