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Action Limos NJ is one of the most renowned wedding limousine services in New Jersey. Action Limos NJ has been in the industry for 40 years, whereby they have enhanced the wedding experience of many couples around the state. The main reason why the wedding limousine services remain to be the best in the industry is due to their commitment to excellence.

If you are a bride, groom or a wedding planner, make sure that you visit Action Limos NJ showroom where you will be able to see the various fleet of wedding limousines. The staff members are friendly, and they will take you around, explain to you the different limousines available and help you with booking wedding limos for your wedding. Action Limos NJ provided various packages that are suited to suit everyone’s needs.

 Why should you consider our NJ wedding limousines?

  1. Beauty

If you want to enhance the beauty of your wedding, you should consider hiring a limousine. At Action Limos, you will get classy and elegant limos that will add beauty to your wedding.

  1. Safety

Safety is one of the things to look for when choosing a means of transport for your wedding. At Action Limos, the limousines are safe to use as most of them are new models in the market. They are well maintained regularly to make sure that they do not experience any problem during your transportation. The chauffeurs are licensed to drive such vehicles, and they are hired according to their experience. The limousines are well fitted with safety measures to make sure that you are safe during transportation.

  1. Convenience

One of the convenient ways of arriving at your wedding reception is through a limousine. Limousines are built with luxurious facilities to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied during your transportation. With Action Limos, the different vehicles have different facilities, and you should select the one that suits your needs.

Menlo Park NJ Wedding Limousines

 Action Limos Fleet

Action Limos offers an extraordinary fleet of limousines for clients to choose. They include:

  1. Limo Bus Fleet | Party Bus Fleet

The limo bus fleet consists of a coach limo, limo buses, and minibuses. The coach limos are for VIP, and their facilities offer world class luxury. They can be used for cruise port transfers, events transfers, and airport transfers. They can carry up to 55 people.

  1. Luxury Sedans Fleet

The luxury sedan fleet includes the Luxury SUV Sedan. They offer wedding and events transfers. If you want to arrive at your party or event in style and comfort, you should go for the luxury sedans fleet. They can carry up to 7 passengers. Some of the facilities that they have include CD sound player, TV and DVD player, tinted windows and all leather interior.

  1. Limousines fleet

They are the perfect vehicles for a luxurious wedding. They are well designed with all the features you would want in a luxury limo. The limousine can be used for both day and night events and celebrations. The facilities in these limousines are DVD/CD player, all leather interior, fiber optic ceiling, pearl bar, twinkle lights, wedding horns, four color light when tinted windows and a luxurious TV. The limousines are black limos for 8-10 passengers, white Lincoln stretched limousine for up to 14 passengers and the new Chrysler 300 for 8-10 passengers.

Menlo Park Nj Wedding Limousines

  1. Limo Vans Fleet

The Limo Vans fleet offers a safe and comfortable transfer. They can be used for wedding transfers to the reception and VIP airport transfers. They are ideal for a small group of people since they are fitted with 14 seats for passengers. They have tinted windows for security purposes, CD player, and face forward leather seats.

  1. SUV Limos Fleet

The SUV Limo fleet consists of a brand new Lincoln Navigator stretched SUV limousine. It is a safe, comfortable and luxurious limousine that can accommodate about 18 passengers. It is ideal for wedding party transportation. Some of the features in this SUV limousine are full fiber optic lighting, CD/DVD player, 5 TV screens, disco lights, iron ceiling, wedding horns, and a refreshment area.

  1. Vintage Vehicles Fleet

If you would like to arrive at your wedding party in a unique and extraordinary vehicle, then you should go for the vintage limos. They are classy, luxurious and elegant vehicles. They consist of Vintage 1960 Austin Princess Rolls and Vintage 1971 Bentley Rolls Royce.

 Why you should consider Action Limos NJ

The wedding limousine services were started by the owner John Garrabrant in 1979. Since then the owner has built a solid reputation by providing the best Menlo Park NJ Wedding Limos. Here are ways in which John Garrabrant has continued the 40-year tradition of superior services to New Jersey Residents.

  1. Excellent customer service

The owner, John Garrabrant answers the phone 24/7 throughout the year. It allows him to have a personal touch with the customers which enhance the credibility of the services.

  1. Testimonials

Action Limos is committed to providing clients in New Jersey with quality limo services. With this, their customers give very nice feedback regarding the services. You can see some of the testimonials from past customers from the testimonials page on their website. Additionally, on the showroom, you will find many letters on the bulletin board from the customers.

  1. Latest models of vehicles

At Action Limos, you will find only the latest models of limousines in the market. They are well maintained to make sure you get the comfort and elegance you need during your transportation.

Menlo Park Nj Wedding Limousines

  1. Well groomed chauffeurs

When you hire limos at Action Limos, you do not have to worry about chauffeurs. You will be provided with well-trained chauffeurs, who have enough experience in driving limousines. They are well dressed in formal attire that matches the theme of your wedding or event.

Weddings are one of the most important days in a couple’s life. To make the day pleasurable and unforgettable experience, one should hire a wedding limousine. Wedding limousines are luxurious vehicles that are designed to give the wedding couple the best treatment on a special day. If you are planning a wedding soon, or you have an event that needs transportation, make sure that you select the best New Jersey Limousines. You should contact Action Limos and get a quote for the limo package you want.

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Menlo Park Nj Wedding Limousines

Menlo Park NJ Wedding Limousines