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Menlo Park Winter Wedding Limos

If you are a resident Menlo Park, New Jersey you are probably already a limousine fan. After all, New Jersey is a limo state! The limousines are elegant and amazing vehicles with a beautiful aesthetic appeal and very comfortable. Traveling in a limo is a sign of prestige and luxury.

New Jersey has been often described as the state perfect for a limousine because it is beautiful with its unique charm of panoramic views, scenic gardens, scenic landscapes, wide freeways, and fantastic ocean fronts. With these landmarks available, people often want to hire a limousine to attend an ocean or garden wedding or go to a New Jersey night party for big nights out.

What is a New Jersey Limousine?

Since it was founded in 1979, Action Limos has been dedicated to providing limousines for the general public. The company has gained 40 years of work experience. Based in Garwood, New Jersey, it helps anyone who wants to enjoy these fantastic limos. A New Jersey limousine and Action Limos has almost become one and the same in the public’s mind.

Why Action Limousine?

The factors that contribute to the company’s success justify it becoming a leader in providing limousine service in New Jersey.

Large Fleet

The company has a limo fleet of cars and vehicles that include minibus, limousine bus, general purpose luxury sedans, vintage vehicles, SUV type vans, and others. Therefore, they can respond to transportation requests with a wide variety of vehicles and avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

A Long Period of Service to New Jersey Residents

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Founded in 1979, Action Limousine is one of the oldest limousine companies in New Jersey. They have gathered excellent practical experience that allows them to provide professional, satisfactory and reliable service to clients.

Excellent Customer Service

Owner John Garrabrant and his team are known for formulating unique transportation solutions that result in maximum customer satisfaction. The staff listens to each client and then proceeds to customize the service.

Professional Drivers

In addition to the impressive limo fleet, there is a team of trained and experienced drivers, who are ready to be deployed anywhere. Also, they understand the geography of the entire state. Therefore, you can make sure that everyone arrives on time at the destination.

Positive Customer and Industry Feedback

The company is the recipient of numerous industry awards. They are too numerous to mention here, but you can view them on the website.

24 Hour Availability

Their doors are open all the time, seven days all week round to ensure that inquiries, orders and customer concerns are answered promptly. In this way, existing and future customers have a guarantee of reliability and consistency.

Check It Out

For more information about the company, you can visit their official website at

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If you are a resident Menlo Park, New Jersey you are probably already a limousine fan. After all, New Jersey is a limo state!

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